Well Begun is Half Done…

Well begun is half done.

Aristotle, Politics

We are officially half way through our 30(40) Days of Blogging exercise! I bet you didn’t know that it was Aristotle who first wrote the above quote, but I digress.

Congratulations to all of our bloggers, and especially those who continue to blog daily throughout the Nativity fast.

Best thing to do it to write your blog entry NOW.

Sometimes it gets tough trying get something out every day – and this is the value for preachers. Every day of every week we are either preparing a sermon, evaluating a sermon, practicing a sermon or delivering a sermon.

The key is to realize that we are not the chef (to quote Catholic bishop Kenneth Untner, an outstanding homiletics teacher) – we are not preparing something about the Scriptures or the faith to say to our flock. Christ is saying something to them – our job is to bring it to them.

Again, we’re not the chef, we’re the waiter.

If we preachers remind ourselves that, for the most part we are priests, and that means we spent some time, sometimes considerable time, as deacons, table servers – then it all makes a great deal of sense indeed!

We are still waiting tables, serving the Lord’s fare to his hungry people.

Keep up the good work, bloggers.

It’s a hungry crowd out there.

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