How To Start Blogging

by Fr. John A. Peck Here at the Preachers Institute, we don’t believe in half measures. We also believe that practice makes permanent. There is no doubt that blogging can help your preaching if you are a clergyman. If you are not a clergyman, blogging can help your preaching. What if you are not a […]

Well Begun is Half Done…

Well begun is half done. Aristotle, Politics We are officially half way through our 30(40) Days of Blogging exercise! I bet you didn’t know that it was Aristotle who first wrote the above quote, but I digress. Congratulations to all of our bloggers, and especially those who continue to blog daily throughout the Nativity fast. […]

10 Mistakes in Blogging

by Deacon Michael Hyatt Deacon Michael Hyatt is the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Bible publisher in the world. His blog is a treasure chest of wisdom and enlightenment on leadership, vision and responsibility. He also has a popular podcast, At The Intersection of East and West, on Ancient Faith Radio. […]

Why I Blog

Fr. James Cole