The Original Christian Gospel

by Fr. James Bernstein It may surprise you to hear that the original Gospel—the Good News preached by Jesus Christ and His disciples—is quite different from what is prominently presented today by the vast majority of Christians in America. For many Christians, hearing this original Gospel will involve a major paradigm shift—a radical change in […]

Preaching and Worshipping in the Information Society

by Sergei Chapnin  Presentation at the ‘Christianity – Orthodoxy and the media in modern world’ conference. 12–14 May 2014, Thessaloniki The conference that has gathered us here is without doubt a historical event. In May 2014, representatives of various local Orthodox Churches have met for the first time to share their experience and discuss the […]

Do This Today, Be A Better Preacher Tomorrow

Just like that? A bold claim but one that I stick by. If you follow the instructions of this post today, you will be a better preacher in one day. Do it a few times a week, and your skill in writing and delivering sermons will effortlessly improve. Do it daily, and your sermons skill […]

Homiletics – Just a Practical Subject?

by Peter Mead This short article expresses my own experience and feelings about homiletics so well, I had to republish it. I recently heard a comment I’ve heard at various times and in various forms. Essentially it was a reference to homiletics as if it were a subject of tips for public speaking, a merely […]

Find Your Way to a Perfect Preaching Calendar

by Hal Seed A good article on, again, a Preaching Calendar, from Sermon Central. Last year at this time, we published The Joy of Creating a Preaching Calendar. This is a good time to revisit and put it into practice! One of our greatest challenges is choosing what to preach, and when. Three years ago, […]

To Become A Better Preacher, Become A Better Reader

Sure, Wesley wasn’t a member of the Orthodox Church, but he was a master preacher and organizer, who taught a multitude of others to preach with excellence and passion, and organize with precision. This is just good advice. John Wesley writing to John Trembath (August 17, 1760), a young minister who was a poor preacher, […]

Breaking Into The Future

MATCHING GRANT DONATIONS ACTIVE NOW! As we passed our 5th year of online work in Orthodox homiletics, I was about to close up shop. I’d spent countless hours, phone calls, emails and resources writing, editing, reviewing and publishing a multitude of articles, essays, helps, and sermons – all for free – in an easy to use (and […]

Remaining UP

Greetings friends. Thanks for your kind support. While my situation hasn’t changed, many of you kindly contacted me with voices of appreciation and support for what Preachers Institute has been able to help with these past five years. Thanks to several anonymous donors, and their kind insistence, I will be able to leave Preachers Institute […]