15 Reading Days to Go!

by Fr. John A. Peck The Old Testament Challenge is about to enter the final phase. This coming week we will depart the Minor Prophets, with Zechariah and Malachi, and move onto the Major Prophets, starting with (of course) the Gospel Prophet – Isaiah. The finish line is in sight.  If you are keeping up, […]

3 Weeks and 3 Days

That’s what we have left to the Old Testament Challenge! Three weeks and three days to go! This week, we will be polishing off the Wisdom books, with Sirach, and starting into the Prophets, beginning with the Minor Prophets. We started strong, so let’s finish strong! We are coming to the home stretch now. A […]

70 out of 100

Greetings again, fellow Old Testament Challenge warriors! As of tomorrow, we are 70% of the way through the challenge. We are way over the hump, and driving towards the finish. We are now on the third column of the reading schedule, about to complete the book of Proverbs, and less that two weeks away from […]

Learning the OT the Orthodox Way: Last Chance to Purchase until Next Fall

Last chance until next fall. The ebook that prepared you for the Old Testament Challenge. Click the Add to Cart button below. Now, if you are doing the Challenge, you already have it.  If you are planning on doing it next year – assuming we have it again next year – this is your last […]

We’re Half Way There

by Fr. John A. Peck Today, as of right now, we are half-way through the Old Testament Challenge. 50 days behind us – 50 days before us. That went by quickly! Refresh yourself with the knowledge of having accomplished this. Don’t Quit Half-Way Through We having finished the Pentateuch, and completed the histories, we now […]

The 2015 New Testament Challenge

Beginning Nov. 15th (that is, in just 3 weeks from yesterday, at the beginning of the Advent/Nativity Fast), we will once again be embarking on our annual challenge event to read through the entire New Testament (aloud) by Christmas! Some of our loyal readers are well into the Old Testament Challenge almost half way through! What […]

40% of the Old Testament Challenge!

by Fr. John A. Peck Today marks day 40 of the Old Testament Challenge, making us 40% of the way through. We are only 10 days from being half done, and you know the old saying; well begun is half done! We are out of the Pentateuch, and about half way through the histories. Keep […]

One Third Down!

On to the Second Column! We are a full one third of the way through the Old Testament – that flew by fast! This is not a little thing – a third of a down payment on a house practically guarantees getting a mortgage! That means commitment to anyone. Congratulations to all the OT Warriors […]