Two Weeks, and Counting…

by Fr. John A. Peck That’s how long until we launch the Old Testament Challenge. This is important – most people have never read the entire New Testament, let alone the entire, full canon, Orthodox Old Testament. We’ve offered a way to get you warmed up, and make it easier for you to hit the […]

Getting Ready…

For the Old Testament Challenge    By Fr. John A. Peck By now, you should be well into your preparations if you plan on taking the Old Testament Challenge which starts Sept. 15th. What?! You’ve not started yet?! Well, don’t panic. You are probably not alone, and as people love to jump on the bandwagon […]

What is the Old Testament to the Christian?

by Russ Warren When I was in seminary, I focused for my STM on the study of the Old Testament (OT).  My thesis was on understanding the census numbers in the book of Numbers, so that they could be read as Christian Scripture (and not mere ‘history’). Passages such as those are often ignored in […]

The Necessity of Knowing the Old Testament

by Fr. Michael Pomazansky This short article, republished here as part of the preparation for the Old Testament Challenge, describes not what theologians read, but what Orthodox Christians sing and hear in the hymnography of regular worship. This is why context and understandable communication/language is so important. We listen to the hymns and readings in Church, and […]

Why Take The Old Testament Challenge?

by Fr. John A. Peck   There are many good reasons to want to read the entire Old Testament, but to actually do it requires a certain commitment.  I’d like to list a few of the reasons in this post. This is for your average reader. If you are a clergyman, see this article for […]

Preparing to Take the Old Testament Challenge

by Fr. John A. Peck Let’s start with a few things. If you haven’t read the entire Orthodox Old Testament, word for word, before now, you owe it to yourself to take the Old Testament Challenge. I encourage everyone to give it serious consideration so that next year, having read the entire OT, you will […]

The Pastoral Value of the Old Testament Challenge

by Fr. John A. Peck Very shortly, we will be announcing the pre-reqs for the Old Testament Challenge, so that those who wish to participate may prepare themselves to do so. Generally speaking, these aren’t difficult, but they require some commitment, and so will make an excellent prep for joining in. Before that I’d like […]

Coming Soon – The Old Testament Challenge

What is the Old Testament Challenge? Like the New Testament Challenge, it will offer a schedule to read the entire Old Testament (according to the Orthodox Canon). If you don’t have one, an Orthodox Study Bible is recommended. Get one HERE. How long will it take? 100 days, start to finish. When will it start? […]