The Wobbly Exegetical Basis of Penal Substitutionary Satisfaction

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon No treatment of the Passion of Christ is complete, I think—certainly it is not biblical—if it leaves out the wrath of God. One would need to be blind not to observe in the Bible—both Testaments—how often God is said to be angry at man’s sins, or how frequently He is […]

Proportion & Measurement in Exegesis

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Essential to a Christian understanding of Sacred Scripture is the principle of analogia. That is to say, a perception of proportion and measurement is at the heart of the exegetical and theological enterprise because of the unity, coherence, and integrity of God’s Word through Creation and Salvation History. In Jesus’ […]

Baaaad Exegesis

by Fr. Aris Metrakos Scripture separated from its context can be confusing, misleading, and even destructive. Take the well-worn Bible college criticism of the way Orthodox and Roman Catholic faithful address their clergy, Matthew 23:9 (call no man father). The literal application of Mark 16:19 (snake-handling) is downright scary. Women’s southern summertime fashions being what […]