Learning From A Preacher’s Preacher

by Fr. Thomas Frisby Awhile ago (5 years now!) I (Fr. John) published Sermons and Snickers Bars, a recounting of an important lesson my own homiletics teacher, Fr. Michael Dunaway, imparted to us at St. Herman Seminary. There are many stories of important lessons garnered by Orthodox clergy who desire to sharpen their skill in […]

4 Types of Preachers: Which Style Are You?

by Lawrence Wilson Saw this on the blog Lawrence W. Wilson – Suburban Pastor and thought it very worthy of republishing. Thanks to Pastor Wilson for giving me permission to share it with you. Preaching has been the central element in most Protestant worship services for over 500 years. It’s the main thing pastors do, […]

Preach The Word

by the Apostle Paul The 30 (40) Days of Blogging is not far away. Why blog at all? For the same reason you preach. Why preach at all? It’s your principle job! “I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and […]

The Greatest Obstacle

Is he right? by John Paul II, Pope of Rome “The greatest obstacle to evangelization in America is superficial preaching.” Quoted by Fr. William Casey here Share the post “The Greatest Obstacle” FacebookGoogle+LinkedInPinterestTwitterEmailBookmarkPrint

Preaching To Millennials

by Fr. John A. Peck Millennials: America’s largest generation. The largest mission field in American history. Plugged in, turned off, and almost dropped out of what used to be regular society, millennials are nonetheless more than interested in faith, religion, spirituality and how they affect and impact the world (that is, themselves) in day to […]

Preaching and Worshipping in the Information Society

by Sergei Chapnin  Presentation at the ‘Christianity – Orthodoxy and the media in modern world’ conference. 12–14 May 2014, Thessaloniki The conference that has gathered us here is without doubt a historical event. In May 2014, representatives of various local Orthodox Churches have met for the first time to share their experience and discuss the […]

Do This Today, Be A Better Preacher Tomorrow

Just like that? A bold claim but one that I stick by. If you follow the instructions of this post today, you will be a better preacher in one day. Do it a few times a week, and your skill in writing and delivering sermons will effortlessly improve. Do it daily, and your sermons skill […]

To Become A Better Preacher, Become A Better Reader

Sure, Wesley wasn’t a member of the Orthodox Church, but he was a master preacher and organizer, who taught a multitude of others to preach with excellence and passion, and organize with precision. This is just good advice. John Wesley writing to John Trembath (August 17, 1760), a young minister who was a poor preacher, […]