Why You Should Write Your Sermons At Least Two Weeks In Advance

by Bob Hostetler Saw this and thought to myself – “Self, could you do this? I mean, week after week, successfully?” Early in my ministry, Thursdays were my sermon prep day—for the coming Sunday (I’ve never been a Saturday guy; just can’t live that close to the edge). And when we started Cobblestone, eight or […]

Getting Yourself Ready for 30(40) Days of Blogging

November 15th begins our annual blogging exercise, The 30(40) Days of Blogging, for priests, deacons, bishops, pastors, or anyone else who would like to get started in Pastoral Blogging. Why such an early announcement? There is a greater need than in previous years for good, consistent pastoral blogging – now more than ever, and there […]

Plotting The Course

“What is the call to repentance in this reading? What is the word of hope and salvation in this reading?”

Four Characteristics of Good Orthodox Preaching

by Fr. Jonathan Cholcher The former headmaster of St. Nicholas Orthodox Classical School in Mogadore, OH, Fr. Jonathan is a graduate of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO. An outstanding apologist, homilist and teacher,  Fr. Jonathan provides four measurable benchmarks for Orthodox preachers. We are reprinting this article, which was originally published by Preachers Institute […]

A Lesson From Preaching Class

by Fr. Barnabas Powell We are republishing this article from our good friend, Fr. Barnabas, who is the priest of Ss. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene Church in Cumming, GA  and blogger at Sober Joy, co-teaches the course PAST 7201 – Preaching: Proclaiming The Kindgom, with Fr. Nick Triantifilou, the president of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox […]

On A Doctorate in Orthodox Homiletics: Poll

by Fr. John A. Peck TAKE THE POLL! When we were in the early stages of discussing the mission and goals of the Preachers Institute, one that stuck out was the opportunity for advanced, intensive study of homiletics among Orthodox clergy. We decided early on that the professional degree (D. Min.), not an academic degree […]

Inoculating Against The Gospel

By Fr. John A. Peck The questions a preacher must consider when preparing his sermon are many.  One such question must be: “Is my sermon a vaccination against sin and indifference, or an inoculation against conversion?” Though we certainly believe that vaccinations are good science, the idea that a small, dead amount of something which […]

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Merry Christmas to all our faithful readers, members, lurkers and writers! On this day, the day of our Lord’s birth, we here at the Preachers Institute want to wish you all a very merry, safe, and spiritually fruitful Nativity celebration, and to assure you all of our prayers, particularly on this festive Holy day. This […]