The Great Rhetor

George of Nicomedia: Convention and Originality in the Homily on Good Friday by Niki Tsironis From STUDIA PATRISTICA VOL. XXX, Leuven 1997. In the present paper I will examine the models used by George of Nicomedia for the composition of his homily on Good Friday, the first homily which has come down to us that […]

Preaching Christ Crucified

Welcome to the Preachers Institute. The Preachers Institute is an Orthodox Christian Homiletics Resource site, which will soon be offering articles, workshops, seminars and exercises designed to assist and improve the exposition of the Gospel in the Orthodox Christian Church. As St. Paul says, But we preach Christ crucified; a stumbling block to the Jews, […]

The Homilist

Homiletics in theology the application of the general principles of rhetoric to the specific work of public preaching. The one who practices or studies homiletics is called a homilist. Homiletics (Greek homiletikos, from homilos, to assemble together), is one of those disciplines which is easy to do, but difficult to do well.  The terms homily […]