On The Septuagint In The New Testament

Bible scholars and students! Since most contemporary preaching is primarily either therapeutic or exegetical, especially during Lent, we offer this little list for your exegetical homilies. These are principle examples of why the Septuagint Old Testament is the ‘official’ Old Testament of the Orthodox Church (that and the fact that the Masoretic text didn’t even […]

By Preaching The Word

It is wrong for a Christian Church to be a political power, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church has argued. “The church must have no political means of exercising an influence on those in authority,” Patriarch Kirill said in answering letters from televiewers in the “Pastor’s Word” program on Russia’s First Channel television. The […]

Preaching Orthodoxy In The Modern World

by Fr. Stephen Freeman Originally titled “Living Orthodox in the Modern World,” this article from the blog “Glory To God For All Things” is worth reading. The reason I have reposted it here is simple: We are here, now, and have been placed here by God, for whatever reason, to preach the Gospel to the […]

Homiletics News at St. Vladimir Seminary

Fr. Sergius Halvorsen was an early supporter of Preachers Institute, and we are very happy that St. Vlad’s is taking homiletics seriously. We hope that the new hybrid D.Min. will also include a ‘Homiletics’ major, but this remains to be seen. Congratulations, Fr. Serge! Fr. Sergius Halvorsen Joins Faculty, Institutes Homiletics Course and D.Min. Hybrid Program […]

Remarks of Patriarch Kirill on Seminarians

Below is a small portion from Patriarch Kirill’s report presented before an assembly of rectors of Russian Orthodox theological schools. See the full report here. We constantly speak about obedience in our theological schools. But does not this mask a desire to obtain totally obedient and intimidated individuals incapable of speaking up before authorities under […]

Hell And God’s Love: An Alternative Orthodox Approach

by Eric Simpson From the Huffington Post (!) Common depictions of the Christian doctrine of hell, perhaps borrowing images from classic literature and Dante, portray it as a place of literal fire, where tortured souls repose in anguish, a vision much used by itinerant evangelists and manipulative preachers. A further degradation of this cartoon vision […]

Baaaad Exegesis

by Fr. Aris Metrakos Scripture separated from its context can be confusing, misleading, and even destructive. Take the well-worn Bible college criticism of the way Orthodox and Roman Catholic faithful address their clergy, Matthew 23:9 (call no man father). The literal application of Mark 16:19 (snake-handling) is downright scary. Women’s southern summertime fashions being what […]

The Pastoral Power Of Theology: St. John the Goldenmouth

by Fr. John Behr A lecture delivered by Fr John Behr, Dean of St Vladimir’s Theological Seminary, at the parish of St John Chrysostom Orthodox Church, House Springs, Missouri, September 29, 2007,  on the occasion of the 1600th Anniversary of St John’s repose. In his oration of thanks to his teacher, St Gregory the Wonderworker […]