On Traditional Orthodox Clerical Attire In the West

By Kyriacos C. Markides Since every Orthodox Christian preacher is bearing witness to the Orthodox Gospel, I thought that this short article had real value in terms of how we are perceived as Orthodox clergy. I had already made arrangements to interview Kallistos Ware, bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church and leading scholar of Eastern […]

Preaching the Gospel in the Modern World

by Hieromonk Damascene (Christensen) This is from a talk given at a conference sponsored by the Northern California Brotherhood of Orthodox Clergy and held at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Sacramento, California, October 21, 2006. 1. WHY PREACH THE GOSPEL The theme of today’s conference, “Preaching the Gospel of Christ in the Modern World,” […]

November 2010 Sermon Awards

Congratulations to our SERMON of the MONTH Award recipients for November 2010. This month we received 15 entries in our three categories. Remember, we are now also accepting Sermon submissions for the December 2010 Awards. Whether you are a seminarian, deacon, priest or bishop you can submit your own homily, or someone else’s properly attributed […]

Preachers Institute Store Is Now Open

We are proud to announce the opening of the Preachers Institute Online Store! by clicking on the image to the left, you will be taken directly to our growing inventory of ebooks, pamphlets, paperback and hardcover texts uniquely available at the Preachers Institute. All of our materials are available in electronic format and in print […]

2010 New Testament Challenge

During every Nativity Fast, I offer my spiritual children and parishioners an exercise in Scripture which I call “The New Testament Challenge.” It’s really not all that challenging, but for someone who has never read the entire New Testament before, it is an excellent time for just such an exercise. If you begin on Nov. […]

Commandments of St. Basil to Priests

On this post, we invite and want to encourage comments. I think that few clergy would argue with the instructions given below, but how many will do them or even stand up for them? Note especially the very first injunction, and it’s relationship to preaching. Taken from the Metropolis of Denver website. Study, O priest, […]

10 Mistakes in Blogging

by Deacon Michael Hyatt Deacon Michael Hyatt is the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Bible publisher in the world. His blog is a treasure chest of wisdom and enlightenment on leadership, vision and responsibility. He also has a popular podcast, At The Intersection of East and West, on Ancient Faith Radio. […]