2011 Festival of Young Preachers

Congratulations to our young Orthodox preachers who participated in the 2011 Festival of Young Preachers. The experience of being in the midst of over 100 zealous Christian preachers under 30, and many still teenagers, was wonderful. A collection of genuine Christians, believers from a variety of traditions and backgrounds, discerning a call to preach the […]

Orthodox Preachers Attending The Festival Of Young Preachers

Good news, everyone! This Theophany, young Orthodox preachers will be participating in the Festival of Young Preachers, an annual festival held by Dwight Moody’s Academy of Preachers. The Academy is a national partner of the Preachers Institute. This is an annual opportunity for young Christian preachers, aged 16-28, to come together, flex their intellects, share […]

The Finish Line

Congratulations to our 30(40) Day Bloggers! Merry Christmas, and congratulations on a job well done. The task you undertook 40 days ago has not been an easy one, but with diligence and God’s help, you have persevered. You have run a good race! Well done! This year’s exercise had many more blogs than last year, […]

Let’s Get Real About Priestly Indiscretion

by Fr. Aris Metrakos This article contains excellent advice for anyone contemplating the priesthood or discerning a vocation in the Orthodox Church (or any ‘church’ for that matter). Fr. Aris nails it. Aren’t we disgusted with the shocking number of high-profile cases of priests engaged in pedophilia, homosexual activity, and adultery? Some excuse this behavior […]

Slogging Through Your Blogging

by Fr. John A. Peck Well, friends, it is that time in our exercise. There’s no shame in it. Blogging has become difficult. We’re hitting ‘the wall’ in this marathon. Runners know what ‘the wall’ is. It’s that wonderful experience you just have to push through. It’s tough. It’s all will power. Now for those […]

The Social Media Revolution

by Terry Mattingly As we are well into our 30(40) Days of Blogging, I feel this article by Terry Mattingly (tmatt.net) is especially important. For years, I have suggested that specific and intentional blogging can make one a better preacher. I’ve also suggested, sometimes firmly, to any bishop interested in listening pretty much what is […]

Well Begun is Half Done…

Well begun is half done. Aristotle, Politics We are officially half way through our 30(40) Days of Blogging exercise! I bet you didn’t know that it was Aristotle who first wrote the above quote, but I digress. Congratulations to all of our bloggers, and especially those who continue to blog daily throughout the Nativity fast. […]

Our New Feature

Greetings, friends of Preachers Institute, I’m adding a little section to the top of the front page “A Word To The Fore” which will contain a pithy quote containing some wisdom or common sense in an age gone mad. This is just a little thing, but I feel worthwhile. Also, including Scriptural quotes, and quotations […]