The Signature Of God: Part Two

by Dcn. Joseph Gleason At this point, you are convinced that there must have been some sort of enormous, unbelievable printing error. There must have been some massive, inexplicable computer error at the publishing company, and they must have released a defective Bible by sheer accident. Surely, all their Bibles could not have been printed […]

The Signature Of God: Part One

Unveiling Old Testament Prophecy by Dcn. Joseph Gleason In the Old Testament, let us take a look at an impressive prophecy about Jesus Christ. Years before Jesus was ever born, the Holy Spirit inspired one of His prophets to tell the future, and to write down some things which had not happened yet. In this […]

The Church Fathers (and others) On Preaching

Just a collection of some great quotes from the Fathers and other preachers through history on the call of preaching! Not an extensive list of quotes, but some wonderful wisdom here nonetheless: “The scope of our art [of preaching] is to provide the soul with wings, to rescue it from the world and give it […]

The Sermon Series: A Crash Course

by John Anderson I (Peck) have been a proponent of taking preaching seriously for many years. Advancing in homiletics skill also means advancing in homiletics planning, and the sermon series has real value to the congregation whose needs are known by their priest. John Anderson gives an excellent introduction to this important pastoral tool for […]

The Grammar Of Prayer

by Robert Arakaki For many Evangelicals prayer is talking to God with the phrase “In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.” added at the end.  The emphasis is on praying sincerely from the heart.  Little thought is given as to what makes for good mature Christian prayer.   In this blog posting I want to discuss how Christian […]

The Joy of Creating a Preaching Calendar

by John Anderson There is great value to organizing a preaching calendar, but it is often not considered by Orthodox clergy. Our calendar of readings actually lends itself well to organizing one and keeping our preaching timely and relevant to our congregations. I ask every Orthodox preacher to consider one for the coming year. The […]

About The Paschal Lamb

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Very early in the Fourth Gospel, John the Baptist sees Jesus and exclaims, “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!” (John 1:29) The Evangelist tells us that John repeated this identification on the following day (1:36). For the rest of the Fourth Gospel, nothing […]

Something We All Really Need: A Personal Request

(P.S. – it’s not money) Have you ever googled the following terms: Orthodox, priest, preaching? I have. I do regularly, with a multitude of similar terms, searching and seeking for good photos of Orthodox clergy delivering sermons. There are very, very few – even fewer good shots with focus, capturing the spirit of the event.