Death By Torah

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon One of the major ideas—and perhaps the culminating idea—in the second chapter of Ephesians is the unity of gentiles with Jews to form a single people for God. These two, formerly estranged, have been united, Paul says, through the blood of Christ: “He himself is our peace, who has made […]

The Perpetuity of the Church

By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos By his incarnation Christ assumed human nature, and indeed human nature was united with the divine nature immutably, without confusion, inseparably, unchangeably and indivisibly. They are never separated. They remain united forever. Thus the Church will exist also after the Second Coming of Christ and we shall be able to […]

Etymology of the Word “Ekklesia” (Church)

by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos But before I proceed to elaborate the subject of the “origin and revelation of the Church”, I would like us to take a look at the etymology of the word “Ekklesia“, because it will help us to understand better what is going to be said further on. The word ‘Ekklesia‘ […]

The Origin and Revelation of the Church

By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos Through the centuries there have appeared many heretical teachings which distorted the revealed truth, and which the holy Fathers confronted “with the sling stone of the Spirit”, that is to say, by the power of the Holy Spirit. And this is so because the holy Fathers were the bearers of […]

Some Differences Between Greek And Russian Divine Services And Their Significance

by Archbishop Basil Krivoshein, Archbishop of Brussels and Belgium A report given at the Liturgical Conference at the St. Sergius Theological Institute, Paris, on July 2, 1975 The aim of this report is not to examine in detail the historical evolution of the forms of Divine services, the origin of specific differences between Greeks and […]

On How Your Dog is Morally Superior To You

by St. Basil the Great from the  blog, Lord I Have Cried Unto Thee. Another patristic witness of the sentiment and wisdom behind the words of Abba Xanthios. “A Dog is better than I because he loves and does not judge.” So I just recently referred a friend to St. Basil the Great’s Hexaemeron – […]

Hell According To The New Testament

Though Bishop N.T. Wright is not Orthodox (he’s the Anglican Bishop of Durham), he explains very well the Orthodox/New Testament teaching on hell. This was originally entitled “N.T. Wright and the Orthodox View of Hell.” This is only 3 minutes long, but a very nice treatment of a contentious topic – at least, contentious since […]

The Meaning of Ritual

by Fr. Paul Jannakos Anyone the least bit familiar with the Orthodox Church knows that repetition is a key feature of its worship. We do things over and over again, and then, we do it yet again – one more time. As we find in the Little Litany, “Again and again in peace, let us […]