On Sola Scriptura: The Mind of the Church

  This was taken from the Our Life in Christ Program. It is a must read. From Hank Hanegraaff’s CRI Series What Think Ye of Rome (Part 3) CRI – All Apostolic Traditions are in the Bible OLIC: We agree! Most people just haven’t underlined all of them. CRI – It is true that the […]

Are You Part of the Problem, or Are You Part of the Solution? An Interview with Fr. Robert Taft

by Dcn. Andrei Psarev The legacy of Archimandrite Robert Taft S.J. is so significant that no one who is seriously interested in the evolution of the Divine Liturgy can afford to ignore it. In his interview the esteemed scholar, indeed, the “patriarch” of Byzantine liturgical studies, tells us about his life-long relations with representatives of the […]

The Culpability Of Those Who Neglect To Preach

by Humbert of Romans CHAPTER FOUR CONCERNING THE EXERCISE OF PREACHING With regard to the exercise of preaching, we shall discuss: firstly, the culpability of those who neglect to preach; secondly, the base reasons which dissuade some from this office; thirdly, what would constitute a lack of judgment in this office; fourthly, the conditions which […]

The Septuagint and Textual Criticism

 from On Behalf Of All blog Some terrific points are made in this article, making it very worth your time! Enjoy! Textual Criticism is a discipline that has gained much popularity over the last one hundred years or so, especially as related to the so-called “Bible” of the Christian faith. While this discipline has arguably […]

The 2012 Festival Of Young Preachers

A month ago, once again, I traveled to the Annual Festival of Young Preachers, hosted by Dwight Moody’s Academy of Preaching, and once again, it was a wonderful experience to behold and participate in. There were three young preachers again this year; Jason Ketz (SVS Student), Gabriel Alimeyahu (Hellenic College), and Benjamin Peck (Hellenic College). […]

On Attentiveness When Listening to the Readings

by St. John Chrysostom From Homily 58 on The Gospel of John. “If a man should come here with earnestness – even though he does not read the Scriptures at home – and if he pays attention to what is said here, within the space of even one year he will be able to  obtain  […]

New 2011 Gift Book/Ebook for Preachers

It’s that time of year again, and Preachers Institute is offering a very special offering this year for those of you who support our work. We have a very special book, and a VERY SPECIAL DEAL, for you this year. Keep reading down to the PDF deal! A venerable text on the formation of preachers, […]

A Call for an Orthodox Approach to Scripture

by Fr. Lawrence Farley This excellent article by Fr Lawrence has complete harmony with the Orthodox Tradition and is quite a distant thing from what is often passing for ‘Biblical Studies’ today – within the Orthodox Church today and without. We’ll be bringing you more along these lines shortly. The much needed ‘return to the […]