Did He Stay or Did He Go?

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon It is instructive to compare and contrast the closing scenes of Jesus’ earthly presence as they are presented in Luke/Acts and Matthew. The scenes are similar in that both depict Jesus’ final meeting with the group known as the Eleven (hoi Hendeka, Mt 28:16 and Lk 24:33). Connected with each […]

The Centurions’ Intercessors

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Among those sections that the gospels of Matthew and Luke-independent of Mark-have in common, almost all are directly didactic. That is to say, those sections almost invariably consist of the explicit teachings of Jesus, with no attention to events in his life. Those shared sections convey, for instance, the sort […]

Struggle In This World

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon According to the Evangelist Luke, Jesus’ final invocation to the Father included a line from this psalm: ‘Abba, beyadka ‘aphqid rhuchi‘ “Father, into Thy hands I entrust my spirit!” In his first recorded words the Savior, in anticipation of his redemptive work, declared, “I must be about the things of […]

Elijah, Elisha, Jesus and Luke

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Unique to the Gospel of St. Luke is his distinctive pairing of two particular miracle stories: the healing of the centurion’s sick servant (Luke 7:1-10) and the raising of the widow’s dead son (7:11-17). Before considering Luke’s intent in this juxtaposition, a comment on each story may be in order. […]

Casting Out Christians

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon In the Gospel of St. Luke, the last of his “four beatitudes” includes a detail not found in the parallel place in St. Matthew; it is a reference to those who “revile and cast out your name as evil’ (Luke 6:22). Our understanding of this reference should begin, I think, […]